Vijay Tanks Overseas Ltd. [VTO] was created and registered in Guernsey, UK, in 1984 with the express purpose of specializing as a designer and constructor of Liquid Storage Solutions. Since its inception, it has been actively involved in the Middle East with its first client being the Ministry of Defense, Oman, for a contract worth approximately $6 million in 1985. From this high profile start, the company has grown considerably in its capabilities with the management constantly evaluating new challenges.

Since inception, the company's management and workforce have worked on the philosophy that any long term business vision needs to be founded on the principles of:
Client satisfaction - addressed through optimal design and construction of facilities that meet the needs of the client whilst incorporating superlative Quality, Maintain the interests of all employees through the implementation of stringent HSE policies,

A commitment to continuously improve our business for the common benefit of the clients, employees and company.

Over the years, there have been numerous occasions where our resolve to stick by these principles have been tested. However, our steadfast adherences to these guiding principles have allowed us to grow when others have faltered. This steadfastness has resulted in:
Numerous commendations from our clients on the projects executed some of which are attached in the following sections,
Maintenance of 0 LTIF for the past years along with specific commendations from our clients on specific projects,
Award of the ISO 9001 certificate as a result of painstaking attention to the way in which we wanted to conduct our business and the documentation to support these visions.

Awards / Appreciations

With a view to fortify its position in the Gulf market where credence was given to GCC registered companies, VTOL realized the need to register local companies in the countries it was active in. This first resulted in the formation of Vijay Tanks & Company LLC (Oman) in 1996 [VTC], Vijay Tanks & Company HFZ (UAE) in 1999 [VTCHFZ] ,Vijay Tanks Contracting Company (Dubai) in 2000 [VTCC], and lastly Vijay Tanks & Co LLC-Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) in 2012 [VTCAUH] where Vijay Tanks Overseas Ltd retained all aspects of operational and decision management. Overall the company has undertaken projects in the following countries:
Oman, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Fujairah) Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, and Yemen.

With our constant drive to increase our office representation in a growing list of countries, we aim to further allow our local clients to benefit from a global solution.